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PlusPass® is a Texas Corporation and Fintech company focused on providing consumer payment options for in-vehicle, Pay In Motion™ (PIM™) transactions including tolling, parking, and other commercial markets. PlusPass® leverages retail efficiencies and secure, proven payment platforms to deliver convenient, cost-effective solutions to consumers and operators, alike. PlusPass® provides self-managing payment and account options through all its solutions including, the PlusPass® mobile application and the BancPass Toll Sticker. PlusPass® also provides opportunities to license and resell its patented technology, in order to build a more interoperable and competitive market.


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Consumers are charged the toll and a small convenience fee only when they use the road. For the toll road operator, the PlusPass system mitigates the risk of unpaid tolls. Toll operators are also able to avoid pay-by-mail costs associated with print, mail, and postage fees; and funds are available to the operator immediately.

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