Why does the system only work in Texas and Washington State?

At this time we have agreements with the local Toll Roads in Texas and Washington State. Stay tuned as we will be announcing other States in the coming weeks.

When can I start using PlusPass™?

You will receive a notification on your phone when your vehicle is ready to use. To check the status of a vehicle, look in the "Vehicles" tab in the app. Your vehicle will first show up as "Pending", which will change to "Enabled" after it is registered and ready to use with PlusPass. This process is normally complete within 24 hours.

Why can't I use PlusPass™ for Rental Vehicles?

We depend on the Toll Operators in order to make this happen. We are working with the Operators to bring this benefit soon, look for a notification when it is available.

How can I get PlusPass™ on my toll road?

I have used a toll road, but I have not seen any transactions yet. Why is that?

Different Toll Operators process transactions in different time-frames. Some process within a few hours, for others it can take 30 days. In unusual circumstances, it may take an Operator as long as 60 or 90 days. We aware that just because the transactions are delayed, they are not lost and will eventually post to your account.

I have a trailer, how do I pay with PlusPass™?

Please register the trailer and license plate as a separate vehicle in your PlusPass™ account.

Do I need to have my phone in the vehicle to use PlusPass™?

No, it is not necessary to carry the phone in the vehicle.

What if my license plate is dirty/obscured?

Your license plate needs to be clean and legible in order to use PlusPass™.

What if I sold my vehicle, or it was stolen?

You are responsible for all trips, until you update your PlusPass™ account and remove the vehicle.

What do I do if I receive a toll violation notice in the mail?

If the notice is for a transaction date/time when the vehicle was registered with PlusPass, please send us an email with the license plate number of the car, violation reference number, and date and time of the toll. Attaching an image of the violation notice will expedite the process.
Click Here to send us an email.

How can I provide feedback about PlusPass™?