PlusPass In The Media


August 31, 2022

Shannon Swank and DeeAnne Vickery, the two Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s 90th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Austin, TX, share exciting events and celebrations for everyone at the 90th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Shannon is Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of PlusPass, Inc., and DeeAnne is Chief of Staff of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, one of the host agencies for the meeting.

May 26, 2021

Shannon Swank, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer with PlusPass, Inc. joined Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO with IBTTA on Café IBTTA. Shannon spoke about growing up in El Paso, TX and appreciating the diversity of the population which has helped in her career. Founded in 2012, PlusPass is a mobile app business facilitating payments for toll transactions and soon for parking. Shannon spoke about the need to meet all customers needs, the underbanked, underserved and people with privacy concerns. She sees the need for greater outreach and engagement with companies that have not traditionally been involved in tolling. With so many emerging technologies, Shannon said there are tremendous opportunities for IBTTA to expand its tent.

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